Apple MacBook (Unsplash)

While some of us are into more vibrant and colourful products when it comes to gadgets and accessories like smartphones, headphones, earbuds and watches. However, there are some who like to go stealth and prefer muted colours like Matte Black. And Apple is one firm that seems to be working on this for multiple products. The iPhone maker has filed a patent for a light-absorbant matte black finish that can be used on several iDevices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook.

The patent has been filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and is titled as ‘Anodized Part Having a Matte Black Appearance’. It also talks about the manufacturing processes on how can the material be made and the characterizes be achieved. The material can be used on multiple metals including aluminum, titanium, and steel – all of which are there in one iDevice or another.

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As mentioned in the patent (via Patently Apple), the (matte) finish is supposed to include “randomly distributed light-absorbing features that are capable of absorbing visible light.” It may also feature pores where color particles are infused within the pores,” all of which will result in a non-glossy, stealth and muted look.

Interestingly, it looks like Apple wants to achieve true Black colour with this instead of Dark Grey or Blue, which is the case with several dark-coloured products. Although this seems difficult on Apple products, it will only be interesting to see something like this coming in the span of next few years. 

That said, this idea is just in patents right now. This means Apple is still working on it and this might not be a reality. So, don’t get your hopes high yet.