Here’s what happened in tech today. (Pixabay)

It was a slow Sunday in the world of technology today. On one hand, WhatsApp quietly rolled out a new feature in its iOS app. In addition to that Bolo Indya raised $400,000. In addition to that, Samsung is said to be working on a 600MP camera sensor.

So, here’s what happened in tech today:

WhatsApp gets in-app notifications

WhatsApp has quietly released a new feature in its iOS apps that will allow the company to inform users about various updates and features directly by sending notifications to them. Here are all the details.

Samsung working on 600MP sensor

Samsung is said to be working on a 600MP camera sensor. The company is working on high-resolution camera sensors as 4K and 8K videos become more mainstream.

Bolo Indya raises $400,000

Bolo Indya has raised $400,000 in its latest round of funding. The latest round of investment was led by Inflection Point Ventures. Existing investors from Eagle10 Ventures also participated in the round.

Chinese court finds Gionee guilty of planting malware on more than 20 phones

China’s Judgment Document Network has found Gionee guilty of implanting malware in over 21 million smartphones in a bid to increase usage and clicks on its platform to game advertisers.