By Chris Bockman
BBC News, Caen

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It was an unusual hijacking by a group of three men, two women and three young children. They commandeered a Delta airliner, flew across the Atlantic and the adults never set foot in the US again, four of them making France their permanent home.

An airport vehicle driven by a man in swimming trunks approached the Delta Airlines DC-8 standing on the tarmac of Miami airport in the summer heat. The vehicle's passenger – also wearing swimming trunks – stepped out, carrying a heavy blue suitcase under his arm, and walked until he was under the open door of the airliner's fuselage.

A rope dropped down, and the suitcase was hauled up. Inside was $1m.

The men in trunks were FBI officers, whom the hijackers had insisted wear no clothes to ensure that they weren't armed – though one later claimed to be carrying a gun in his trunks anyway.