By Nell Mackenzie
Business reporter

Publishedduration5 days agoshareSharenocloseShare pagelinkCopy linkAbout sharingimage copyrightrachaelcoxartist.comimage captionLockdowns have been a savage blow to many High Street retailers

When the first lockdown hit, Fiona Jamieson and her manager Sergio Mastrodonato wondered what to do about all the beautiful soap sitting untouched in Lush's flagship Oxford Street store.

A rush of online orders flooded the website the moment physical shops closed, but demand was so heavy that the site had to be taken offline temporarily.

Desperate not to waste three floors worth of the cosmetics, the pair considered buying a van.

"Then we remembered that neither of us drive," laughs Ms Jamieson, who is head of people and organisation development at Lush Oxford Street.

It was a watershed moment, she recalls: "We had all this retail space and it was full of fresh product."

They could not return it to the manufacturing centre, which was too busy with the backlog of online requests.

So why not turn the shop into a local distribution centre?

The pair called their new bike and on-foot delivery service Lush Local. It served customers they found on social media and loyal shoppers they knew of who lived in the area.