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‘Creativity against Covid’ : 2,800 artists converge on single platform to create world record(Twitter/ANI)



Chhapai, a Chandigarh-based startup along with International Art and Imagination Forum (IAIF) created a world record by bringing together 2,800 artists from over 100 countries at an event — World’s Largest Online Creativity Event.

The theme of the event, which took place last month was “Creativity against Covid”. The aim was to bring together artists from around the world.

Answering a question on what inspired the event, Rajesh Batra, CEO of Chhapai, said that the idea behind the event was sparked from a story of a vegetable seller who was once an artist.

“It started from a small little story during the Covid when I was at home. I was buying vegetables from a person who was once an artist. For some reason, this artist had killed his passion and started selling vegetables. As an artist, this story affected me,” Rajesh Batra told ANI.

After getting an idea from a vegetable seller, Rajesh “…realised that he is probably not the only one affected by the pandemic.”

“Even before Covid, artists were not able to make much money. I thought now that we have time, let’s just create something,” he said.

“Then we created this forum. It was a free for all. The goal was to bring artists together, including those who don’t know how to use the internet. But several platforms are there for those who are already making money.”

Rajesh further said the aim of the forum was to bring together artists from around the world.

“We created this forum with the aim to bring together artists from around the world. As a result, we thought let’s create a world record…It took 3 to 5 months and a lot of hard work.”

Lastly, Rajesh hoped to break this newly created record in the future by bringing together as many as 10,000 artists at an event.

“Our next goal will be 10,000 artists. 2,800 is just the beginning,” he said.

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