NOIDA: As many as four faculty members from Amity University in Noida have secured a place in the top 2% of global researchers from India, in a list compiled by Stanford University, USA.

The scientists are Dr Ajit Varma (ranked 916 in plant biology research stream), and Dr Dattatray Late, Dr Ajay Gupta, and Dr DK Awasthi, who have been ranked 1,135, 4,000 and 1,105, respectively, for their work in applied physics.

Varma said that his area of research is Soil Sustainability. “I have discovered a novel biofertiliser which is named Serendipita indica. This web of fungi can shape the future of forest and agriculture and promote soil health,” he said.

Varma further said that the fungus was discovered from desert soil of Rajasthan and works for crop improvement from Rajasthan to Laddakh. “Working in a temperature range of -30 degrees to 50 degrees, it benefits mostly crops, cereals, legumes and vegetables,” he said.

After assessing scientists from across the world for their contributions in terms of citations and other indicators, the PLOS biology journal, a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal, ranked the scientists and published their research papers.

Congratulating the scientists, Ashok K Chauhan, the president of the Amity education group, said their success is the result of their hard work, dedication and commitment. “These scientists worked to the cause of science, which has brought appreciation not only for them, but also to the university and the country,” he said.

Echoing similar views, W Selvamurthy, the president of Amity Science Technology and Innovation Foundation, said this prestigious recognition is one of the great achievements in the lives of these scientists.