Get ready with your backpacks and tighten your shoe laces for some fun-filled expeditions and thrilling adventures with Mounty.



The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted every industry, but none more so than the travel industry. Global travel and tourism revenue fell by 42% in 2020, and an estimated 174 million jobs are at risk in the sector. Even after the pandemic is over, lingering safety concerns could stop many people from travelling. Making consumers feel safe to travel will be the key to recovery in 2021, and with a responsible travel company called Mounty, it feels the best way to do it.

While the pandemic wreaked havoc on humans, it has been a blessing in disguise for nature. The lockdown further led to a decrease in the pollution levels and gave nature a breather from the constant pressure of human survival. Now with easing restrictions, people have started travelling again and what other way to stay closest to nature than camping.

To redefine your travel space with seamless experiences, Mounty offers best camping facilities with spine-chilling adventures. With hundreds of unexplored and uncharted travelling destinations on its roster, it is your one-stop solution to discover everything about the place you wish to travel to. Initiated with a mission to organize the travel sector, Mounty is taking offline operators online and giving them access to customers who are looking for quality outdoors.

Speaking about the idea behind his venture, Mr. Harshvardhan Tiwari, says,” Being a traveller myself, I realised that people actually spend more time in planning their trips rather than actually taking a step ahead. Also, their dependency on offline travel agents further delayed the process. So the whole objective behind Mounty is to save this time and provide the customers with quality services. All that people have to do is just book their tickets and the rest is our job.”

As they are resuming their services, Mounty readies their travellers for amazing winter holidays. Cold-weather camping carries its own set of challenges, issues like insulating your tent and finding dry firewood can be much more difficult to overcome than in the warmer seasons. To prepare the travellers for their winter adventure amid the pandemic, Mounty is providing all their customers with well researched information to ensure a comfortable experience amid the pandemic.

Mounty, with an extensive knowledge of various travel destinations, offers the best available options to make your travel memorable and indelible. Furthermore, to ensure your safety and health, they take care that every campsite you visit undergoes proper sanitisation and social distancing beforehand. So, get ready with your backpacks and tighten your shoe laces for some fun-filled expeditions and thrilling adventures with Mounty.

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