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American musician duo of Indian origin Twinjabi recently released their bilingual song Desi Dons.



American musician duo of Indian origin Kush and Neil aka Twinjabi prefer staying closer to their roots. The singer-songwriter-composer brothers from Kentucky are happy that their creations are receiving positive response. Their song fourth single Brown Magic went viral and now their latest track is also garnering positive feedback. What makes their songs, relatable, according to Neil, is that they “highlight real life issues” and have this interesting “amalgamation of Indian and American cultures”.

“We are born and bred in Kentucky and would speak English in school and everywhere else but at home our parents spoke to us in Hindi. We’ve a strong connect with our roots. Our songs are therefore bilingual. This amalgamation or duality comes naturally to us, that’s our signature,” says the 27-year-old adding that their songs are mostly in pop, RnB and rap genres.

The brothers have released five songs till now and have more coming up. They are planning to release a video of their recent song Desi Dons next year.


“We all know about this obsession with lighter skin tone both in India and America. While growing up in Kentucky, where we don’t have many Indians, we were also made fun off in school… So our song Brown Magic sort of encourages everyone to embrace brown skin tone and feel proud about it. After the song released we received messages from various parts of the world. Desi Dons, on the other hand, is a fun song that motivates us to be happy and tells us to take inspiration from achievers in various fields,” adds Neil.

The musicians also share their plans of visiting Mumbai next year. Ask them about singers, composers and actors they would like to collaborate with in Bollywood and he replies, “Arijit Singh, Ar Rahman and Hrithik Roshan are some of our favourities.”

Given the present pandemic situation when musicians are suffering across the globe in the absence of live gigs, many are doing online concerts to earn a living. Neil feels online is the future.

“A number of musicians have been doing online concerts and earning decent. Times like these require us to find out ways to survive. I feel virtual reality is the way forward. You put your goggles on and watch a concert and feel you’re actually watching it for real. We can give listeners such experiences sitting at home,” he explains.

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