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Actor Rasika Dugal has been a part of films such as Manto, Tu Hai Mera Sunday and Lootcase.



Actor Rasika Dugal has done a lot of work on the OTT space and films too to reach this conclusion- the former indeed is more daring in terms of exploring newer pastures, in terms of both actors and subjects.

“I hope that it remains like that. With films, a formula had set in because there was a worry if you try something different, it won’t work at the box office. There is always so much money riding on films. There were not many people who were willing to take that risk,” she admits.

Giving credit where it’s due, she adds, “Yes there were some of such films, but not everyone was willing, especially those investing in the film. With smaller films, people had taken calculated risk perhaps. But the OTT space has proven you can take that risk in films. I hope it works the other way round, that fearlessness translated into breaking of formula in films, which I think to some extent already has happened. I hope that fearlessness remains in OTT.”  View this post on Instagram

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The 35-year-old has so far starred in web shows such as Mirzapur, Delhi Crime and Out of Love. For the latter, she even fetched an award. We prod more on whether Dugal’s ‘hope’ about OTT not changing, signals any doubts already. She clarifies, “I am not apprehensive, I am sceptical, in a healthy way. A healthy amount is always encouraging. I am only slightly sceptical because so far the OTT space hasn’t advertised numbers (of viewership), the chase hasn’t been about that.”

The actor recently returned to work, after the Covid 19 lockdown restrictions were lifted on shoots, with yet another web project, season two of Out of Love. “I got an opportunity to drive the narrative, it was an interesting show for me to do that point of time. I was really craving for something extra, and was excited to see me engaging in every frame of the show,” she says.