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The image shows Jason Erdreich with his new car.(Twitter/@MrErdreich)



Amid the pandemic, whilst the world is going through unprecedented changes, a teacher from New Jersey has won not only many people’s hearts but also a new car. Jason Erdreich, a technology, engineering, and design educator, decided to use his resources and skills to help those fighting Covid-19 on the frontlines. Erdreich turned his home into a PPE factory and made protective gear for many using 3D printers. Learning about his effort may make you want to give him a round of applause as well.

Mazda USA shared Erdreich’s story on its official YouTube channel in the form of an over-three-minute-long clip. The recording starts with a voice-over by Erdreich’s wife, Cara, who nominated him as a ‘Mazda Hero’.

“He solves problems in and out of the classroom,” Cara says about Erdreich. Cara sheds light on her husband’s journey of making over 12,000 pieces of PPE and other cost-effective equipment using a team of people with 3D printers, as the recording goes on. According to an official press release by the company, Erdreich also designed STEM classes for the online format and offered them at little or no charge to students as they were learning-from-home.

Watch Erdreich’s story here:

Since being shared on the video-sharing platform, that video has received a whole lot of appreciation from netizens. The recording has amassed over 37,000 views and many comments.

Here is what people had to say about the share. One person wrote, “Congrats Mr Erdreich! Your dedication to help others, selflessness, and hard work have always been unmatched”.

Another individual said, “Couldn’t be more deserving! There is nothing more amazing than inspiring young people to do great things – thank you for inspiring our kids every day”. “Watched it twice. Cried both times. What an amazing, selfless man who is so deserving,” read one comment under the post.

Erdreich told CNN, “I had the resources to help, I was able to help, I couldn’t not help others that were doing so much to help us. Front line workers were, and are, doing so much to care for us, someone needs to make sure they are taken care of too. I’m glad I was able to contribute to that,” when sharing his thoughts about the situation.

Erdreich also shared this tweet expressing gratitude for his new Mazda MX-5 Miata 100th Anniversary Special Edition. He is one of 50 people who have gotten a new car because of their exceptional acts of service.

Beyond speechless for this incredible recognition @MazdaUSA! Thanks for the support & work from fellow teachers, students, & community in making #PPE & the incredible life saving work from #frontlineworkers & huge thanks to my wife for her support and making me a #MazdaHeroes pic.twitter.com/HvCJOjcA1I

— Jason Erdreich (@MrErdreich) December 2, 2020

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