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  • Coronavirus pandemic

media captionTop US doctor explains US testing failure

Dr Anthony Fauci has emerged as the face of America's fight against coronavirus. But he is also battling the dangerous spread of misinformation, sometimes from within his own government.

Over his five decades as a medical researcher, Anthony Fauci has seen his effigy burnt, heard the cries of protesters calling him a "murderer", and had smoke bombs thrown outside his office window.

But he has also been praised as the most famous doctor in America, and the man whose compassion and calm helped the US make otherwise impossible strides in confronting a public health crisis.

As head of immunology at the National Institutes of Health during the 1980s HIV/Aids epidemic, Dr Fauci, 79, has seen conflict before.

Now, as the US struggles to contain the pandemic six months after its first known case, the White House is targeting Dr Fauci by briefing reporters about his alleged mistakes.