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The share by Mumbai Police has garnered over 67,900 views on Instagram.(Instgram)



If you’ve been around the Internet recently, then you must have seen the viral video of a kid named Anushrut. The clip shows the cutie being less-than-pleased about getting a haircut. Anushrut’s adorable complaints won many over, and now, even the Mumbai Police has boarded the trend train. They uploaded a part of the recording on their social media handles to convey an important safety message. Their share is a must-check out.

Posted on the Mumbai Police’s official Instagram and Twitter account on November 7, this recording is 15 seconds long. The caption shared alongside the clip reads, “Responsible Mumbaikars to people going out without wearing masks:”.

Watch the video below to see how the Mumbai Police says responsible citizens should be towards those who go out without wearing their masks:

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A post shared by Mumbai Police (@mumbaipolice)

Since being shared on the Internet, this post has received a whole lot of appreciation from netizens. The share has garnered over 67,900 views on Instagram.

Here are some comments that netizens left under the share. One Instagram user said, “What a superb post. Amazing awareness campaigns always… salute”.

Another individual on the photo and video sharing platform wrote, “Mumbai police at its best”.

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