Skype (Pixabay)

Google brought chat bubbles to its mobile operating system with the launch of Android 11. Now, Microsoft is rolling out the support for this feature to its Skype app.

In case you aren’t sure what chat bubbles do, here’s a quick brief: chat bubbles enable users of a messaging app to minimize their chat windows into tiny free-flowing bubbles that can be moved around on the screen easily. The bubbles look somewhat like the ping-pong ball and they allow users to keep using another app while they are chatting with a friend or a colleague.

Since the rollout of Android 11, a number of messaging apps have rolled out support for this feature in their messaging apps. Now, Microsoft has done the same with Skype. This update is available with the latest version of Skype. This means that you will have to download Skype version 8.67 from the Play Store on your Android smartphone to use this feature.

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Once you download Skype’s latest update, you will have to enable this feature to be able to use it. To do so, follow these steps: go to Settings > Apps and notifications > Bubbles > toggle it to enable this feature. Once this feature has been enabled, Skype will show an icon to convert a chat into a chat bubble in the notification tray.

Apart from chat bubbles, Microsoft has also rolled out support for more Android 11-based features which includes Priority Conversations, and Conversation Space in its Android app.

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