Publishedduration1 day agoshareSharenocloseShare pagelinkCopy linkAbout sharingimage [email protected] on Instagramimage captionDoug Henning met his biological father Raul for the first time in his life in November

An adopted man left his biological father puzzled after dressing up as a character from the beloved Christmas film Elf for their first ever meeting.

Doug Henning embraced his father Raul for the first time in his life at Boston's Logan Airport last week.

For the meeting, Mr Henning wore a similar costume to that of Buddy, the elf played by actor Will Ferrell.

Mr Henning, 43, sang the same awkward song that Buddy sings in the film when he meets his biological father.

"I'm here, with my dad. And we never met, and he wants me to sing him a song!" Mr Henning sang excitedly, as he jumped up and down in the green-and-yellow outfit.