By Joshua Nevett
BBC News

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A portfolio of properties, lucrative image rights, and an amphibious tank from Belarus.

These were just some of the reported trappings of Diego Maradona's fortune.

The Argentine football icon died at 60 last week, leaving behind a complicated financial legacy that echoes his at times troubled personal life.

Since Maradona's death there has been rampant speculation about his wealth and the heirs entitled to a share of it.

Maradona had a big family, fathering at least eight children over decades of romantic entanglements with six different women. His inheritance is expected to be divided equally among those children.

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But with no reports of a will, Argentine legal experts and journalists say the inheritance will be far from straightforward.

They expect a protracted court battle fraught with family disputes, DNA tests and opportunistic claims of paternity as lawyers scramble to calculate the true value of Maradona's estate.