Keep in that this iOS 15 release candidate is a big download and can clock in at almost three to four hours of download time, so make sure you have your phone plugged in.  (9to5Mac)

As we close in on the launch of iOS 15, the final release candidate of the upcoming software has been released to the public.

Apple’s Beta Program participants have been working hard and it is time for rewards. The final release candidate for iOS 15, the version that’s going to be rolled out to the public soon, is available for download right now. Apple’s iOS 15 is releasing for the public on September 20, but Apple’s Beta Program members can download them now. However, do keep in that this iOS 15 release candidate is a big download and can clock in at almost three to four hours of download time, so make sure you have your phone plugged in.

What’s new in the iOS 15 release candidate?

Apple has not introduced anything new at this point in the iOS 15 release candidate from whatever we’ve seen in the iOS 15 Public Beta 8. Missing features like SharePlay, etc, will be there on future versions of iOS 15.

What all has been fixed in the iOS 15 release candidate and what is broken?

iOS 15’s official developer release notes show a lot of bugs that seems to have persisted and are now on the final build. For example – using Matter devices on the Home app seems to be a problem. This is also the same bugs list that was seen for the iOS 15 Public Beta 8 – so it looks like iOs 15.1 will have a lot of fixes to roll out.

Here are the issues on the iOS 15 release candidate for now:

– While using Guided Access with VoiceOver, you may not be able to enter the Guided Access passcode to end Guided Access.

– Text indicating that Find My network is active when your iOS device needs to be charged will only display if the device language is set to English.

– Matter issues continue to plague iOS 15, but there are workarounds. Apple TV can’t reach them when on WiFi (only ethernet), you can’t connect to a third-party hub, accessories may give a No Response message after pairing, pairing might take a long time and still fail, you can only pair five accessories, and only the owner of the home account can pair them.

– After canceling a widget gallery search, the cancel button still remains visible.

– Rounded corners on buildings are vanishing in the Apple Maps app.

– You might not be able to create new projects in Reality Composer

– In Safari, the extension UI might not make room for the keyboard.

– On-device (offline) Siri speech recognition is available for only these languages at this time: Chinese (Mandarin – China mainland), English (Australia), English (Canada), English (United Kingdom), and English (US)

– In Siri, VoiceOver and Spoken Content users might not initially see all available voice options. Voice options should populate after some time.

How to get the iOS 15 Public Beta release candidate

To start with this, you need to be a part of the Apple Beta program. Once you have enrolled your device, you will be able to see the new profile in the Settings app. With iOS 12 Apple introduced the ability to install a stable public beta or the current beta build as long as they are from the same base. So, in order to get iOS 15 beta, you will need to delete iOS 14 beta profile from your phone.

We suggest you don’t install iOS 15 beta on your main device because as beta builds, the OS is expected to be buggy and problematic. But in case you do not have a spare device, make sure you take a reliable backup.