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HempStashNews.com brings you the latest news about the updates and developments from the Cannabis industry around the world.

Earlier in 2019 we gathered as a team of 4 journalists from 3 continents with the sole purpose of creating Hemp Stash News and start updating our readers with fresh news related to the Cannabis industry.

The idea behind HempStashNews.com was first created by Steve Morrison, our founder and chief editor.

HempStashNews.com adheres to the Independent Press Standards Organisation’s Editors’ Code of Practice.

Our Team:

Steve Morrison
Founder/Senior Editor

Steve serves as the founding editor of Hemp Stash News. With over 10 years experience in the news publishing business he decided to extend his vast portfolio by editing and publishing news about the Cannabis industry. Steve has a bachelor's degree in Journalism from the Northern Arizona University.

Steve can be reached out at: Steve.Morrison@hempstashnews.com

Khilen Patel
Associate Editor

Khilen's hobby is to sell the best real estate properties. Finding he has a lot of spare time he started to read and publish interesting findings about medical Marijuana.

Now he serves as the Associate Editor of Hemp Stash News. He can be reached out at: Khilen.Patel@hempstashnews.com


Marzena Bonar

Marzena's passion for writing impressed all of us and now she dedicates her time for writing beautiful researched articles related to the hemp industry around the globe.

Marzena gratuated the University of Economics in Katowice.

She can be reached out at: Marzena.Bonar@hempstashnews.com

Ben Maudsley

Ben likes to teach passionate youngsters guitar lessons and has his own company. Cannabis history is his second hobby so he started to perfect not only his musical skills but also his writing skills by writing for Hemp Stash News. Ben is our staff journalist.

He can be reached out at: Ben.Maudsley@hempstashnews.com