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Businessman sentenced to prison for involvement in black market marijuana organization

A California businessman described as the mastermind behind an illegal marijuana trafficking organization was sentenced to 12 years in prison for conning people out of money and shipping drugs out of state.

Scott Pack, 42, was sentenced Thursday by Arapahoe County District Judge Michael Spear on two counts under the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act, including a first-class drug felony, as well as two counts of securities fraud, according to a news release from the 18th Judicial District.

Spear characterized Pack as one of the leaders of the operation. He emphasized the sophistication of the criminal operation is cause for concern as the state seeks to enforce its marijuana laws, the news release said.

In the release, District Attorney George Brauchler added that Park claimed he would be unable to pay millions of dollars in restitution but still forked over a $500,000 appeal bond to delay the start of his prison sentence.

“A manipulative rich guy who grew up in wealth and privilege in California believed he could defeat Colorado’s marijuana regulatory laws to his selfish benefit without consequence. … Oops,” Brauchler said in the release. “Let this conviction and prison sentence send a message to others who would attempt to play by their own rules.”

Source: Businessman sentenced to prison for involvement in black market marijuana organization


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