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CBD OF DENVER, INC. (CBDD) Extracting and Selling Pollen

DENVER – CBD of Denver, Inc. (OTC: CBDD), a full-line CBD and Hemp oil company (“CBDD”) selling Black Pearl CBD hemp products and the owner of CBD Social Network, is now extracting and selling pollen.

CBDD’s Rockflowr, GmbH subsidiary, has purchased a pollen extractor to supply customers with CBD pollen. The pollen is extracted from 2 sources, the trim from the buds and Biomass. Rockflowr has been buying Biomass from growers and using the trim and Biomass from its own greenhouses. The trim and Biomass are placed in the pollen extractor and it filters out the pollen. Biomass can be purchased for as little as 30,000 CHF a ton. We can convert one ton of Biomass into 200 – 250kg of Pollen. Pollen is then sold for up to 450CHF a kilo. Once the pollen is extracted the leftover biomass is converted into CBD oil. We are also pleased to announce that we have our first customers in Germany.

CBD Welt 24, GmbH, just leased a new indoor grow facility in Zurich. The facility has 40 1000-watt lights and has room to support approximately 1,200 plants. We expect the first harvest within 3 months.

CBD of Denver, Inc. is in the final stages of releasing 2 new products for their Black Pearl CBD website. The first product is a CBN/CBG gel cap which will be sold in 30 count bottles. Reports show that CBN and CBG can help with sleep and relaxation. The second product is a CBD pain stick containing 3.8% full spectrum CBD. New products should be available within two weeks.

CBDD offers a superior CBD product that is full spectrum without depending on THC to activate the benefits of cannabidiol. Black Pearl CBD has 0% THC, but is not an Isolate where the THC is stripped from the product rendering it ineffective. We use a proprietary technique adding terpenes as the activation ingredient, resulting in a product that is the finest in the industry. Products are available at www.blackpearlcbd.com

Source: CBD OF DENVER, INC. (CBDD) Extracting and Selling Pollen

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Khilen Patel

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