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Cooked With Cannabis review – potty food contest offers a real high

Cookery competitions are usually pretty stressful affairs, but not this one helmed by singer Kelis. In fact the contestants and judges are strangely relaxed. Wonder why …

It is surely only a matter of legal issues that prevented a show like Cooked With Cannabis (Netflix) being made before now. The culinary competition, filmed in California – where recreational use of

cannabis is legal – switches up its themes, guest judges and contestants from episode to episode, but there is one constant: every dish must be, well, cooked with cannabis. Judging by the results of this slapdash and strangely relaxing show, we have been missing out.

At this stage, let us pay tribute to Gone to Pot: American Road Trip, the 2017 ITV documentary in which Christopher Biggins was fed so much food that had been cooked with cannabis that he passed out on a bus and then had to call for help because he couldn’t move. It missed out on a Bafta, sure, but it will always remain one of the greats in my mind.

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Source: Cooked With Cannabis review – potty food contest offers a real high

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Ben Maudsley

Ben Maudsley

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