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How One Man Utilized Oakland’s Social Equity Program To Start A Budding Cannabis Business

The legalization of cannabis has allowed many people to open up businesses and thrive in the growing industry.

The conviction rates for minorities was high, in part, because of marijuana use and selling of the product. Knowing this, Oakland created the Social Equity Program, which one entrepreneur took advantage of to start The Peakz Co.

Jessie Grundy, the founder of the cannabis brand, spoke to Black Enterprise about how he went from the streets to The Peakz.

BE: What motivated you to explore getting in the business of cannabis and how were you able to start it up?

Grundy: I was ending a relationship, all my past business ventures had failed, and I was over getting in trouble. In 2018, California passed the law for recreational cannabis use and that’s when I knew I had to get into the industry. Lucky for me my hometown, Oakland, California, created a program called the Social Equity Program that made sure natives from the inner city or people from Oakland with cannabis convictions got priority with licensing. In 2018, I was one of the first to get licensed; it took me a year to get operational and start selling our products.

You started The Peakz Co. in April 2019. How were you able to amass such a following on social media and how did you position yourself to market your product online?

In August 2018, I had my license and brand name. I was in grind mode after that, so that I was ready to launch in 2019. I was going hard on social media. I used influencers, mainly black women with a high following and engagement to market our products. Then I started making custom packaging for them. From there, people started clicking our Instagram.

The Peakz Co. is a new, young, and a black-owned business, which drew in the attention. Not too many companies in this industry are young and black. People instantly wanted to support and be a part of our movement. Word of mouth has been our best marketing strategy, honestly.

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Published: April 06, 2020

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Source: How One Man Utilized Oakland’s Social Equity Program To Start A Budding Cannabis Business


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