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Not all marijuana offenses are pardonable in the U.S. as cannabis reform proceeds

Los Angeles and San Francisco have already expunged hundreds of thousands of marijuana convictions since California went legal a few years back. Getty Images

One of the hottest topics surrounding the marijuana discussion as of late has been eliminating the criminal records of those people convicted of marijuana crimes throughout the years. Illinois got the trend going last year when it made expungement part of its plan to end pot prohibition statewide.

Now, other states and local jurisdictions are looking into it too. The overall goal is to give opportunity back to the people who have endured hardships as a result of a marijuana conviction. And, the cannabis community is excited about the possibilities. The only problem is, not everyone who has been convicted of a marijuana offense is going to be let off the hook.

In the eyes of some, it might seem a bit unfair to wipe away the criminal record of those who have broken the law. After all, we’re not making it a point to forgive most crimes. But what they might not understand is the level of unfairness associated with this offense and the damage it has done. There have been hundreds of thousands of people incarcerated in state and federal penitentiaries for weed over the decades. To make matters worse, most of them were non-violent offenders.

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