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Pasadena Vice Mayor Wants Cannabis Restart on Future Council Agenda

Hampton wants process to prioritize local residents

Councilman Tyron Hampton is requesting the City Council discuss restarting the city’s cannabis process.

The new process would prioritize local residents and contain a social equity factor.

The council will consider placing the item on a future agenda at Monday’s meeting, which starts at 2 p.m.

Hampton, who also serves as vice mayor, has long been a critic of the city’s cannabis permitting process.

In January, Hampton said permitting has proven to be a failure and should be stopped and overhauled because the process was unfairly designed in a way that favored only the wealthiest people and companies. Hampton also said the city’s screening processes were not conducted properly, and that the conditional use permitting process has been mishandled and favors certain applicants.

“This incredible wealth opportunity should have been preserved for Pasadena residents and people whose lives were ruined because of very harsh and restrictive marijuana laws,” Hampton said in a statement issued in January.

“Instead, the application process awarded po ints based on size and experience in a way that favored only the richest, most elite operators who otherwise have no connection to or interest in Pasadena. It now appears that the Pasadena cannabis market is set to be largely dominated by only three operators, two of which are multibillion-dollar corporations. This monopoly will lead to black-market sales and the drug turf wars engaged in by street gangs. The city’s application process placed its thumb on the scale of fair dealing and pressed heavily against Pasadena resident businesses, which I find disturbing.”

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