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Relieve stress by gardening

The daffodils are up, the cherry blossoms are blooming, the grass needs mowing, and the birds are singing. It’s officially spring, and that means it’s gardening time. For adults and kids alike, this can be a fun activity and a learning experience. In addition to the yummy vegetables and beautiful flowers you can grow, creating a garden can be very therapeutic, providing both relaxation and stress relief. Read More

Source: Relieve stress by gardening


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Ben Maudsley

Ben Maudsley

Ben likes to teach passionate youngsters guitar lessons and has his own company. Cannabis history is his second hobby so he started to perfect not only his musical skills but also his writing skills by writing for Hemp Stash News. Ben is our staff journalist.

He can be reached out at: Ben.Maudsley@hempstashnews.com

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