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Seedy: Get Ready for the First Cannabis Cultivators Digital Marketplace

Move over home brewers. The new trend is bringing homegrown buds to a whole new level. The Seedy App puts an end to grower’s need to scour the internet and local farm stores to find seeds and equipment for cultivating high-quality cannabis. Whether you’re growing in your backyard or want a full grow room to set-up, the Seedy App will help increase your chances of a successful harvest.

The digital platform is Tinder for buyers and sellers. Ideal for new and novice cannabis growers, Seedy helps both groups connect and walk away satisfied. The potent plant is legal for medical or recreational use in over two dozen states, with several allowing cultivation for personal use.

Seedy is the vision of founder Thomas Lopez. The app brings sellers and growers together to cultivate beautiful, potent cannabis plants. Additionally, it’s the world’s first digital ecosystem where growers can connect and sell products, and new and used equipment.

He isn’t new to the startup world. His inspiration for Seedy comes from over 30 years’ experience in brand development, product engineering, and marketing.

What can users find on the green mobile app? It breaks the goods down by categories, which include,

  • Seeds
  • Grow tents
  • LED lights
  • Nutes (Nutrients)
  • Filters
  • Fans

Be sure to keep an eye out for new options as the DIY home cannabis gardening grows. The future top digital download will also feature interactive maps to connect DIY growers with local resources, such as dispensaries, cannabis clubs, and other growers.

Lopez is confident that Seedy will redefine home cultivator’s focus on wellness and make it easier for anyone to produce naturally harvested high-quality cannabis and CBD and CBG products.

The app is the future Amazon Marketplace for cannabinoid enthusiasts that will help propel small vendors into the spotlight. As a functional and secure e-commerce site, it allows startups the opportunity to set up a small store. The process is simple and straightforward for users at any tech level. New users can upload product pictures and details and start selling as soon as they have approval from the platform.

Seedy App is launching in late 2020 and will be available through the Google Play store and iOS App Store. New laws legalizing the popular plant around the U.S. and across the globe aren’t slowing down. Download Seedy to buy, sell, and connect with other cannabis cultivators around the world.

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Steve Morrison

Steve Morrison

Steve serves as the founding editor of Hemp Stash News. With over 10 years experience in the news publishing business he decided to extend his vast portfolio by editing and publishing news about the Cannabis industry. Steve has a bachelor's degree in Journalism from the Northern Arizona University.

Steve can be reached out at: Steve.Morrison@hempstashnews.com

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