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TFT Poll: Trump And Biden Equally Likely To Legalize Marijuana If Elected

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Neither major presidential candidate has emerged as the nominee for the United States of Weed.

One thing we learned when polling Fresh Toast readers about which presidential candidate they believe would legalize cannabis if elected: Little faith exists that either major party candidate is pro-marijuana. Belief in Donald Trump and Joe Biden enacting serious cannabis reform was split almost evenly among our readers.

This is an unscientific poll and does not necessarily reflect the views of Americans at large. But it should provide some insight into how online cannabis advocates view Biden and Trump in the upcoming election.

More than 5,600 readers participated in an online Facebook poll that asked: “Who is more likely to legalize marijuana if elected?” Biden received 52% support while Trump had 48% of all votes cast. The lack of a clear frontrunner among cannabis advocates was expected, as both Trump and Biden have distanced themselves from marijuana reform at a time when some prominent members of their party have.

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