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Tilray Initiates Petition Drive To Make Medical Cannabis Essential Commodity

The entire world is fighting against a deadly virus and falling deeper into the health crisis. The Covid-19 outbreak has created a lot of disturbance in the lifestyle of people across the globe. There is no doubt about how the outbreak has affected the economy and the working of industries around the world. 

There is no sector or industry that is left unaffected by this outbreak. Looking at the current statistics, the effects are likely to get worse in the coming times if there is no control taken over the outbreak.

The leading name in the cannabis industry Tilray has initiated a petition drive to consider medical cannabis as an essential commodity for patients. Tilray plans to collaborate with a non-profit organization, Canadian for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana, Arthritis Society, and the Canadian Aid Society. They are together urging Canadian Health Minister, Patty Hajdu and the Federal Government of Canada to depute medical cannabis as an essential service to have access for patients.  

What is Petition to the House of Commons?

The Covid-19 outbreak has left the world to suffer chronically including Canadians, children, senior citizens all of them are at risk of losing access to treatments. The Canadian department of health has a constitutional commitment to make sure that the medical cannabis access program is in place. 

The Citizens of Canda, call on the House of Common to apply for federal designation of medical cannabis as an essential, constitutionally protected service so that activities involved in preserving the access of patients to medical cannabis through the government-regulated system should qualify as an essential service and maintain this designation to make sure that the necessary medicines, including cannabis, are delivered on time during the time of crisis.

The clinical shreds of evidence prove the efficacy of cannabis to reduce being dependent on opioids. The disruption in the supply of medical cannabis can increase the risks of patients using opioids which is an overdose and other such issues. 

The only way to have legal access to medical cannabis is directly from licensed medical sellers through the mail. Due to ongoing pandemic mail services are scaled back, the patients may face delays in having access to their treatment. This increases the chances of the patients entering the unregulated market which increases the potential of getting infected from the virus putting a lot of people at risk.

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Source: Tilray Initiates Petition Drive To Make Medical Cannabis Essential Commodity


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