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Trump Worried Cannabis Votes May Lose Him the Election

According to a Daily Beast report, President Donald Trump (R) is concerned that cannabis legalization voter initiatives could “supercharge turnout” by voters who support Democrats in the upcoming election.

One GOP strategist told the Daily Beast that Trump is “keenly aware of how presidential elections … can be won at the margins.”

“The pot issue is one of many that he thinks could be a danger… He once told me it would be very ‘smart’ for the Democrat Party to get as many of these on the ballot as they could.” – Republican strategist to the Daily Beast

During the 2016 campaign, Trump indicated he would allow states to determine their own cannabis policies; however, as his Cabinet started to take shape following his election – including anti-cannabis zealot Jeff Sessions as his first attorney general – the administration would take a more hardline stance, such as rescinding Obama-era policies

 protecting legal medical cannabis programs.

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