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Why CropKing Inc Believes Greenhouses Are The Future Of Cannabis Production

Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is any form of agriculture that attempts to modify the environment around growing plants, cold frames, frost covers, or completely automated, fully controlled greenhouse spaces.

The earliest known iteration of CEA production was by Roman Emperor, Tiberius Caesar. In an attempt to eat more cucumbers as advised by his doctor, plants were placed on a moveable bed and would stay outside during appropriate weather. These beds were covered with a frame glazed with a transparent stone known as mica. And when weather conditions were unfavorable the beds were moved indoors.

Although, indoor agriculture has come a long way since then and is utilized for many different crops and plants.

In business for almost 40 years, CropKing Inc is a greenhouse manufacturer and hydroponic supply company that specializes in the production of both high-value veggie crops and cannabis. CropKing Inc focuses solely on controlled environment agriculture and has provided turn-key greenhouse operations in all 50 states and 20 different countries.

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